Same Day Worcester Boiler Repair in Bristol: Basic Worcester Bosch Repair Instructions

Information on simple Worcester Bosch boiler repairs & user maintenance from Bristol’s biggest Worcester Bosch repair company. Below you will find the first in a series of informative articles and videos on some of the more common Worcester Bosch faults affecting both Worcester combi boilers and Worcester system boilers. These articles cover both the Worcester RS range and the Worcester Greenstar ranges, as well as all other models. Our first piece here focuses on the Worcester Bosch boiler filling link, which is found on the Greenstar models

How to Refill a Worcester Bosch Greenstar Boiler with Integrated Filling Link – By The Worcester Bosch Engineer Bristol

As one of the biggest Worcester Bosch Engineer Bristol the team at Reactivate Boiler and Central Heating Repairs have made a series of how-to guides on our most commonly experienced maintenance tasks. This particular one is designed to help the owners of Worcester Greenstar boiler models which have been fitted with an integrated filling link.

Worcester Boiler Bristol - Worcester Bosch Engineer Bristol

A Worcester Greenstar boiler with no pressure on the gauge on the front will likely not work at all, or if it does work then it will be very noisy. This is because it is at risk of boiler overheating which is not a good situation for anyone involved as there is risk of damage to the boiler and potentially danger for the user. All boilers need to be re-filled / repressurised from time to time though so this is usually an issue that the homeowner can rectify for themselves.

If you are experiencing a Worcester Boiler with no pressure on the gauge for the first time ever then we would suggest having a quick look around for any signs of leakage around radiators, walls, ceilings and floors – this way you have ruled out any serious leaks causing the low boiler pressure.  Once you are happy that there are no signs of anything too serious then head over to your Worcester boiler…

The integrated refilling assembly on the boiler, if present, is accessed via the ‘undercarriage’ of the boiler – this is the bottom of the boiler facing the floor and will have a number of brass valves and copper pipes visible as well as some cables and plastic parts. Some boilers have a large square plastic tray on the bottom covering the undercarriage – is this is present then remove it for access by sliging it towards you and downwards.

Refill Worcester Bosch Boiler BristolOver to the right hand side you should notice a black plastic fitting linking two of the brass valves – this is called the Filling Link. It has a small hole around the diameter of a 10p coin facing downwards and it should have a small square white plastic nut facing down too – This is the tap that controls the mains water flow through the refilling device. Also, if you look very closely at it with a torch you will see it has two tiny Padlock symbols around the opening – these will be relevant a bit later on.

Locate your Worcester Boiler Filling Key (pictured left) which should be either clipped to the bottom tray or frequently left in the instructions pack that should have been completed when the boiler was installed.

Once you have found the filling key, familiarise yourself with the two small ‘arrows’ on the spindle near the middle of the key, then gently but firmly insert the end of the key into the downward facing hole on the Filling Link, lining up the arrows on the Key with the ‘Open Padlock’ symbol on the Filling link. Once the Worcester Boiler Filling Key is all the way home turn the Key so that the arrows on the spindle line up with the ‘Closed Padlock’ symbol on the Filling Link. Once the key is correctly locked you will not be able to pull it out unless you move the arrows to the unlocked Padlock position.

Worcester Boiler Bristol - Worcester Bosch Engineer Bristol

Once this has been done, provided you have inserted and locked the key properly, you can then proceed to turn the small white tap on the Filling Link. this will refill the boiler: Do this very slowly and cautiously though if you are not used to it – as it can often fill too quickly and then you will need to drain some water out!

Worcester Boiler Bristol - Boiler Pressure Low

Zero Pressure on Gauge

Pressure Gaugue - Worcester Boiler Bristol

Correct Pressure on Boiler Gauge

We suggest aiming for a cold pressure of 1 bar on the gauge on front of the boiler – however depending on your system you may need to settle for a bit lower or higher. If in doubt about the exact correct cold pressure for your particular heating system then contact your installer or contact us to arrange an inspection.

Following a satisfactory refill procedure then reverse the above steps – ensuring to turn off the small white tap clockwise before removing the Filling Key. Replace the key wherever you found it and bookmark this page for the future.

Worcester Bosch themselves have made this handy video which our Bristol Plumbing customers have found useful in the past:

Bristol Heating Engineers – At Your Service

If you are struggling to follow any of the above steps then feel free to give us a call. We have Worcester Bosch Engineers in Bristol who can help talk you through the above instructions. We are also happy to visit your home if you would rather not attempt the above yourself.

Remember, frequent and re-occuring pressure loss on a combi boiler can be a sign of a leak or an issue with the boiler itself – if you need to refill your system any more than 4 or 5 times per year then we would strongly suggest you arrange for a boiler inspection or boiler service from one of our experienced Gas Safe Worcester Bosch Engineers in Bristol.

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