Most Common Vaillant Ecotec Fault Code

Repair Vaillant Boiler BristolAlthough Vaillant boilers are amongst the most reliable and efficient boilers on the market there is always a chance that a fault can occur. Our Bristol heating engineers work on Vaillant boilers day in day out and we have identified the five most common Vaillant Ecotec Fault Code we encounter on a weekly basis. Our management felt that it was worth outlining these as sometimes we are called out to situations where a simple action taken by the customer could have avoided a callout. So as not to jeopardise any Gas Safe regulations we have only outlined the relevant Vaillant fault code, its cause(s) and any user maintenance that can be attempted without infringing on any regulations. This is not designed to instruct any illegal Gas Safe boiler repairs boiler repair but hopefully it can still be useful in saving unnecessary visits from our plumbers and heating engineers in the colder months.

  • Vaillant Error F75 Fault Code: No Pressure Change Detected when Pump Starts.

This is perhaps our most common Vaillant Ecotec callout and relates to the primary pressure sensor which proves to the boiler that the circulator pump is working. When the boiler receives a demand for either central heating or hot water it turns the pump for a second or two, and if the boiler hydraulic system is working correctly then the pressure sensor will detect a change in the primary system pressure. If the sensor does not detect such a pressure change then it is an indication of a fault and the boiler will lockout with an F75 error code. The most likely causes of this error are either a faulty sensor, a blockage in the primary sensor, a blockage in the hydraulic system, a faulty pump, air in the system or borderline lack of system pressure. As this is a fairly generic Vaillant fault code there is little that the end user can do to rectify this other than checking your boiler system pressure is ok. Any further testing will require a Gas Safe registered engineer to open the combustion cover of the Ecotec boiler and test the above components.

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  • Vaillant Error F76 Fault Code: Overheating on Primary Heat Exchanger.

This is a specific fault code that relates to the heat engine of the Vaillant Ecotec boiler becoming too hot. The boiler has a preset parameter at which it will deem excessive temperature as unsafe, once this is reached it will revert to error F76 as a failsafe. If the heat exchanger is blocked or one of a number of other hydraulic blockages are present this fault code will occur, and it can happen if the temperature sensor itself is defective. It can also occur if the boiler pump is weak or happens to fail completely in the middle of a firing cycle although this would more likely cause a different fault code. If this fault occurs then there is little the end user can do other than verify the correct water pressure. If this seems correct then a boiler repair engineer should be consulted as overheating can be an indication of a severe and potentially dangerous boiler breakdown.

  • Vaillant Error F22 Fault Code: Insufficient water pressure

This fault code occurs when the digital pressure sensor is subject to insufficient pressure in the primary system water. It is generally a simple fix which can be undertaken by the end user by following these instructions. It is worth noting however that a faulty pressure sensor or blockage can cause this issue even if there is sufficient water in the system so care should be taken if refilling the boiler does not seem to reset the boiler. if the boiler also has an analogue pressure gauge then this should be consulted too to verify that the primary system does indeed not have enough water present.

  • Vaillant Error F68 Fault Code: Unstable Flame Signal

This fault code is fairly generic and can indicate numerous faults with the heat exchanger and / or gas train of the boiler. Anything which can cause the boiler flame to be detected as unstable can lead to this fault code; the most common of which are incorrect gas meter pressure (fairly common), water in the heat exchanger due to a blocked condensation drain (very common), faulty air/gas flue system, incorrect air/gas ratio due to improper servicing or incorrect commissioning, or an issue relating to the ionisation system. All of these matters are within the realm of a Gas Safe engineer only and little diagnosis or rectification can be done by the end user here.

  • Vaillant Error F28 Fault Code: Failure During Startup Ignition Unsuccessful

This common fault code is a somewhat generic one (Vaillant do love generic fault codes) which relates to the boiler unsuccessfully completing its ignition stage. Most commonly this is due to insufficient gas being present at the gas valve (for example a prepayment gas meter being out of credit or mains gas turned off by National Grid due to maintenance works), although it can occur when the gas valve or ionisation probe are faulty. If this fault occurs in your home then check that you have gas going to your other gas appliances such as your cooker before calling out an engineer!

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If any of these Vaillant boiler fault codes occur then do not panic! Check the steps & advice listed above and see if you can address the issue yourself. We have expert heating engineers available day and night who will always be happy to give free impartial advice over the phone  – if you wish to discuss any Vaillant boiler fault code just give us a call. We can provide quick emergency callouts and fast turnaround times on new Vaillant boiler installation in Bristol and throughout the Southwest.

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